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Kensington Orbit Optical Mouse

Some time back (actually a year ago) I started having some issues with using a regular computer mouse. I would feel tingling feelings in my wrist and small bursts of numbness in my fingers, specially in the index finger. That’s the finger we all use for clicking with a traditional mouse. Everyone I mentioned this sensation to, said it was some sort of Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Maybe they were correct or not, don’t really know. I didn’t go to hospital to get it checked either out of laziness or indifference.

Anyway, I switched to this Kensington mouse because someone I know had it. After a bit of getting used to, it has been great and all my sympons soon disappeared. The key reason it worked is because the index finger no longer used for clicking. The index finger is just used for navigating the roller ball. It hardly takes an strength to do that. And for clicking I use the thumb muscle which is much stronger.

I tried other trackball mice as well but my pain persisted and sometimes got worse. The Logitech Trackman was useless because you are still using your index finger and type of motion is the same in it as a regular mouse. Hope this helps anyone.

Important Note: I am not a medical, physical professional of any kind. Please don’t take my opinion as authoritative advice. I have just wrote what my personal experience was.

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