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Bubble sort in Java

Bubblesort is one of the simplest sorting methods. It also very inefficient. Though in the best case when the elements are already sorted, then its run time is O(n). Otherwise it is O(n^2).

package com.labeltop.sort;

public class BubbleSort {
	public void sort(Comparable[] comparables) {

		int size = comparables.length;

		// loop till swaps are being done
		while (true) {
			// reset it
			boolean foundSwap = false;

			// loop over values
			int i = 0;
			while (i < size) {
				// don't care about last value
				if (i == size - 1)

				// check for swap i.e. c1 > c2
				if (comparables[i].compareTo(comparables[i + 1]) > 0) {
					Comparable temp = comparables[i];
					comparables[i] = comparables[i + 1];
					comparables[i + 1] = temp;
					foundSwap = true;

				// keep on...

			// check if there were any swaps
			if (!foundSwap)
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