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My name is Hasan Adil. I have a Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Maine. My graduate work had to with Parallel IO, MPI and getting it to interface with Linux 2.6 Kernel. My undergraduate degrees are in Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics from California State University Northridge.

I have 10 years of experience in object oriented development using Java language and PeopleSoft development. I have been doing kernel programming for a year now. My passion is to be creative and create new software. My currently developed programs which are downloadable are:

  • Before Motion.com – Web based sports club management software built using Google Web Toolkit, CSS, server side Java
  • LabelTop – A new way to manage your file and folders
  • Process Usage Analyzer – Business intelligence for your PeopleSoft reporting architecture
  • Project Finger – Project Management tool for PeopleSoft developers
  • LDAP Api for PeopleCode language – An API for LDAP operations that is used by programmers
  • PeopleCoder – A state of the art IDE and compiler for the PeopleCode language (not completed yet)
  • CafeClimb.com (offline now) – A comparison shopping website built entirely using J2EE, MySQL which aggregates climbing and outdoor gear from online retailers.

See Links for screenshots, downloading and more information.

Please visit Clickenstein.com (here) for more information.

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