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Motorola Droid

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve been using the Motorola Droid phone running Android 2.1 now for few months. I was looking forward to it and so far have been overall happy with it. I will stick to the Droid only, going over Android is a separate issue entirely. Below are some of the good and some bad issues I have found in it.

Lets start with the good
– The screen is bright and large.
– The chassis is rugged. I have dropped it around and it has bunch of scratches but held up nicely.
– The voice quality is good both ways.
– It’s a little hefty but I think thats a good thing because if its too light then its easy for it to slip out the hand.
– The speakers are great and loud.
– The network card is good and catches wi-fi signal easily.
– Having a physical keyboard is good (I guess), though I rarely ever bother to use it.

The bad
– The screen is a little too touch happy. Its easy to accidentaly touch the screen and stuff starts happening that you don’t want. If you have the Call Log open and its very easy to call someone that you didn’t want. This is because when you hold the phone in your hand, your finger will be right on the calling icon button. On the home screen, its easy to activate Google Voice command without wanting to do. If there was some region around the border of the screen where touches were ignored then that solve the problem. People don’t a cell phone with the sensitivity of a surgeon.
– The camera is awkward to use. It impossible to take a good picture of myself with it. The button on the side is hard to click when you hold the phone. This button seems more like an after thought rather than being well designed into the body. When you take a picture of something else in front of you, then its easy to accidentaly click one of the 4 buttons (back, menu, home, search) and be thrown out of the camera application – this gets very annoying esp when you are handing the phone to someone who isn’t used to the sensitivity.
– The up-down volume button on the side of the chassis are at the wrong place. They would be better off the left side instead of the right.
– The pattern recognition is not effective. After much use, the pattern that I use to unlock the phone became imprinted on the screen. This is probably due to humidity, dust. So if you found my phone and wanted to unlock it, you can just look at it at an angle and you will see my pattern.
– Not really a big issue but the battery cover slides off easily. It shouldn’t do that.
– The GPS sucks all the battery but that is OK because I have a car charger.

My suggestions:
– Have a lining of anodized rubber on the outer edge of where the fingers touch the phone when you are holding next to your ear.

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